Our Firm

We bring our passion for design to clients and listen to their vision and needs to ensure their image becomes reality.

Brian and Steve Andrews

Founders of Andrews Builders



With an upbringing in the Design and Construction industry, owners Brian and Steve Andrews acquired the belief that you can only get things right once. Forming a firm with this mentality, Andrews believes the foundation is first laid by building strong relationships with its clients, consultants, and the project team before any construction begins. Andrews makes it appoint to grasp a firm understanding of each clients’ vision, which is vital for every unique, specialized space. The encouragement of open communication throughout the design, construction, and post-construction phases is a standard the team holds’ itself to, which assists in assurance of client satisfaction and successful project completion.


Whether the project be a renovation, tenant fit-out, or new build, spaces are meant to be shaped to the functionalities that fit to our clients’ workspaces and lifestyles. At Andrews, our experienced team enjoys a challenge, and are focused more than ever to assist in a solution that is the best fit for your project.


Quality. This is a constant when you bring a project to reality with Andrews. Understanding the functionalities of each space and the challenges it may face in the future, allows Andrews to develop a strategy in designing and building a sustainable facility. With Andrews possessing a strong sense of material knowledge, we can ensure durability and longevity on the projects our teams develop.